re-wire your brain for a better life
Whenever you say ‘I am….’ you are commanding your mind and body to a certain destiny.
— Dr. Joe Dispenza

Rewire your brain for a better life

A rebel is someone who is atypical, does not accept normal standards, or how I like to define it, one who re-writes a typical practice for something that is more supportive. Neurosculpting®, created by Lisa Wimberger, offers a 5-step process to entrain your mind, using the science of how our brains and bodies work, and how we can alter our reaction to stress for a happier life, one of ease.

Neurosculpting® incorporates your brain’s wild and amazing neuroplastic abilities with short & easy guided meditation, making it accessible to everyone, even if you’ve never meditated before. It gives you tools you can use every day to entrain your brain and, crucially, your reaction to stress. 

mariah-ehlert-rebel-brain-meditation-neurosculpting-denver-5-Step Infographic.jpeg



Introduction Classes

Understand the basics of how our brains learn through fear and novelty and experience a couple short, easy guided meditations to re-wire our brains to reduce stress and enrich our lives. This is a delicious taste of freedom from modern stressful living.

Foundations Workshops

This 3-hour workshops takes a deeper dive into how our brains learn through fear and novelty, how nutrition and lifestyle affect our minds, moods, and learning. Attendees get to experience 3 guided meditations to relax, release stress, and fill in with something more yummy. It’s all about getting to a good place, and learning some tools to stay here, no matter what wacky stuff life throws at us.

Hire a Rebel

Individual Practice

You are looking for something more individual to deepen your learning and your practice, reach out.

Lunchtime Meditation

Do you and your employees want some lunch time guidance to deal better with stress and have more space for their work, clients, and lives? Reach out to me, I have programs to help.