I Am.

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“Whenever you say ‘I am….’ you are commanding your mind and body to a certain destiny.” ~Dr. Joe Dispenza

What we say to ourselves is so powerful. If we say something enough times, we don’t even have to think it, it becomes automatic. Our brains are so strongly wired to be prediction machines, that if we start off with the idea or story of “I am unloveable”, and say it enough times, eventually we don’t have to consciously think it and it becomes embodied in us. Our actions will automatically reflect that thought pattern, that story.

Are you empowering yourself or disempowering?

I am constantly working on my old stories and beliefs like a warrior going to battle. Once I started, it felt so good to release all of those negatives patterns, and embrace new ones, which make me FEEL good. Not to mention the positive ripple effect it has had in my life.

We can re-wiring for empowerment, and work on untangling those old patterns/beliefs. It's chemistry, basically. But, we have to work on it. Learn how to work your neurology so it’s entrained and not an empty affirmation. You got this. You’re a beautiful human, you deserve this.

Mariah Ehlert