SO F***KING SCARY! What comes to mind?!?! I instantly think of having to do one of two things: sing around humans, or write. I can vividly remember when I became scared of these things. But again, perceived fear: it’s all in my head. Once I learned this, I attacked the fears.

There are still times when those old ‘stories’ pop up, but I’m so much better equipped to deal with them now. Instead of freezing, or running away and hiding, I turn toward it, and even get closer: like ask a friend who teaches to give me singing lessons, or submit a short story to a contest. (HOLY CRAP!! YES! I REALLY DID THIS!!). These pesky perceived fears are everywhere: bills, work, some people.

My Fear is even in shock I did this. “But that’s not how we do things Mariah!” Guess what fear (limbic brain), we gonna do things all sorts of wacky, keep you guessing, so dear Fear, you just keep an eye out for a boulder or mountain lion, otherwise, [pats seat cushion] have a seat, grab some tea, put your nervous feet up for a bit. I am going to rock it, whatever it is, and not be scared.

What are you afraid of? What can you do to lesson that fear, or worry? Is it real (mountain lion) or perceived? If perceived, try to think of the stress as a puzzle instead of a problem, get the creative brain working instead of our old man lizard brain. I also have a class Monday to help with this all, link in bio. Have a great day, you courageous souls!