What’s your “word of the year”? I’ve never really done this. I might have picked one on the spot, or thought a day or so about it. Then promptly forgot it.

This year, however, full on intentional word selection! Why? Because it fits with my goals, my intuition, and is a nice litmus test of sorts “which would be the better action? A or B?” Given that my word is BOLD (yes, I gotta redundantly all caps that), which is more bold? A or B?

I’m always getting intuition hits, every day; however, I hadn’t realized what they were, until last year. It was like someone took a blindfold off me. One message I got more times than I’d like to count is that I need to stop playing small. I’m not serving myself and definitely not serving anyone else by playing small, by not working to be more, by not allowing more into my life.

When it comes down to it, we need to be our best selves to serve others. When we take care of yourself, have deep self-compassion, self-love, self-confidence, we are not only giving others permission to do the same, but we are filling up our own cups to have enough to share abundantly.

Abundance in ourselves provides abundance for others.

Joy, inner calm is infectious and healing, for everyone.

Bold. I am boldly going into this New Year, in all ways I can. No more hiding from opportunities, or from fears. No more excuses: sign up to speak, present, write, teach, sing, try things that feel scary and uncertain. Leap, jump, and feel completely and fully alive!

What will your word be this year? How do you want to make a difference, or show up, or find inner calm? It can even be a phrase, something you can write across your bathroom mirror to remind yourself each day of your intention. I cannot wait to hear what you are planning!

Next up: I’m going to boldly fill up the calendar with Neurosculpting® classes to help support you and your annual goals!

Freyja, The Bold!

Freyja, The Bold!