Empowering Women with Neurosculpting®

Self empowerment might be one of the strongest tools we can have. What limits you? What if you could open up those limits? Or what if you had no limits? What would your day look like? Your year? What potential would there be?

Often, the limits we have are self-imposed: “i’m not enough, not strong enough, not brave enough, not smart enough...there’s no way I can do that…I’m too small, too big, too [fill in the blank]. I’m not worthy...not useful...not important enough...” It can be a really long list for most of us once we start digging deep. And these are all completely normal. It’s normal to have limiting beliefs. Our brain neurology wants to us to hold on to these tightly, for at one time they probably helped keep us safe, or made us feel more safe in some situation. However, rarely do they serve us going forward, to grow into our potential, to manifest our dreams. These limiting beliefs start to hold us back and restrict our ability to even dream.

What if we could get rid of these thoughts, or make them less powerful? What if we could even take it a step further and actually replace them with empowering beliefs? “How interesting, let me give that a try [because there’s no reason not to try!]” “I’m wonder woman, I can try anything, succeed, fail, it doesn’t matter, I’m brave, creative, unique, and if I don’t get goal A, I can definitely get goal B, which might be something even better. Let’s go!”

This was my story. I felt small, and I tucked my voice away in a box, in a closet, down in the basement far far away. I would physically contract around ideas or suggestions of doing something bold like networking or starting my own business, or buying and renovating an old church. I’d even laugh at that back then, if someone suggested such crazy things. Doing wild things like that was for other people, brave, confident people.


Those are beliefs, not physical attributes. So, just my BELIEFS were holding me back?

Yes. Our brains are really good at what they do. My savvy brain quickly came up with a long list of physical limitations too: money being the top of that.

“So, if i had unlimited money, THEN what? Then I’d find the courage and confidence?”

Wait a minute! Now I’m calling bullshit on myself. [Ok, I’m paying attention, continue with internal dialogue.]

“What if the confidence and courage came first? Then what would I be brave enough to do to change the other limitations? Such as money? Love? Worthiness? Self-empowerment?”

This is just an example (we don’t want to stay in my head too long, trust me). I’m sure you can use this as a template to fill it in with your own real-life belief examples.

This is our neurology at work. It stores these memories and beliefs, and emotions and body sensations that go along with them (i.e., that super ‘contracted’ feeling I got when I went brought up my limiting ideas earlier). Our neurology, however, is incredible and smart and adaptable. We can, with consistency and commitment, re-wire these beliefs. Neurosculpting® gives us a road map to learn ways to re-wire these limiting beliefs, and to wire in NEW beliefs that we actually want: confidence, worthiness, etc. I am personally found of entraining this one: “I am powerful, kind, worthy, and I make a difference in the lives of those around me.” How does that feel? Feel free to adapt that for yourself too. I love sharing.

Just imagine, if you could re-write your story to empower yourself? What would that open up for you?

Being able to use our neurology to support ourselves, gives us the ability to help and support, empower and inspire others. Think of how many young girls you could empower by owning your own strengths, living a life of self-love, healthy boundaries, courage and confidence?

What can you do today to own your self-love, your self-empowerment?

Go get ‘em! Make me proud!

Mariah EhlertThe Rebel Brain