"See the forest for the trees!"

Perspective and perception. We are hard-wired to look and react to the negative. It's like that to save our lives. However, we do this even with perceived stress, which is really easy to do. SO so so easy.

But, there's hope. Often changing perspective can help calm down that stress response. When I was in the middle of renovations of my church studio, I lost my big wall street job, and was terrified of how I was going to keep it all, and I couldn't dream past that one fear.

I was losing perspective fast and giving all my attention and energy to focusing on what I didn't have ("energy flows where focus goes!"). I was far down the stress rabbit hole.

Perspective danced in like a glorious angel. I shifted my FOCUS, and started looking at the facts: I was safe. I had access to my basic needs. Then I was able meditate on how many ways am I safe. Just that, nothing else. Slowly I started to crawl out of that hole and be grateful for the little bit more than just 'safety'. I was able to see the bigger picture a bit more clearly. I had this F***KING AMAZING buidling!! And it is all mine! Who does that?!? Who does these crazy big things?

Of course there was fear and uncertainty, I was doing big shit, man! And that got me excited. I was out of my comfort zone, that was it. Chill down brain, we gooooood.

Funny thing, after I really started working on that fascination and wonder and appreciated what I was doing (by choice!) I could see the forest again, I could see where I was headed, all the possibilities that could happen.

My challenge to you now, is how can you shift your focus, if even just a tiny big today?

If you want some support, reach out, I have some intro classes on how to navigate the brain and thought patterns that come up. (go to Events for list of classes). Sign up today, I can't wait!