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“The synthesis of meditation and modern neuroscience has sparked a revolution—more than ever, we can use specific practices to create positive, lasting changes in our brains.”

Not just for kids. “Little Peanut learns to navigate and conquer fear by learning the language of the brain. Neuro-literacy helps her understand complex and scary thoughts so that bedtime is a time of peace and empowerment.”

“Stress is a silent killer. New Beliefs, New Brain shares methods for healing the negative impacts of stress and fear that many police and firefighters rely on to stay sharp on the job and in life — “first responders” have the MOST stressful jobs!”

I’m honored to have one of my stories featured in this beautiful collaboration.

Your challenging experiences may have tried to keep you down, lock you up, and throw away the key--but you are designed to thrive! In this book, our authors fearlessly share 70 personal stories of transformation which prove that all breakdowns are breakthroughs. Their healing examples will help you rise above your limitations and encourage you to believe that anything is possible.


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