Cynthia G.

Yay! That [meditation class] was great, truly enjoyed it. For me, I used the stressor of procrastinating as that's what I've been doing this week (and it's a longstanding bad habit) and by the end, I felt much calmer about doing the project ahead of me today, less pull to procrastinate on it. Mariah’s voice is also good for the mediations, very soothing, has a flowing feel that carried me through the meditation and the pace was good. I'm excited to see what the next session is like! 

Jennifer L.

I felt so happy and was in an amazing mood all day after this meditation! Thanks Mariah! 

I was quite curious about you spelling words out and in the moment I was happy to 'believe' it was a way of tapping into a deeper part of my conscience. Honestly while we were meditating it didn't seem that different, but afterwards I just felt freaking fantastic like a weight had been lifted. I felt light and happy.

Usually after meditation I feel relaxed and a bit less stressed. But after this meditation I felt the added bonus of happiness. So it wasn't just about relieving stress, it was about then taking the next step to fill the gaps with positivity.

Erin M.

I loved nerding out at the start of class, learning more about how the brain functions and how we're wired - very insightful. Mariah is very willing to answer questions and clarify the process. Love the arrangement of the meditations and how they set you up for positive change, complete with simple reminders for yourself so you can access the meditative release down the road. I'd love to do the meditations more often so it becomes part of my routine. A wonderful, unanticipated post-meditation release resulted in a lift of my spirits (that's still going), and a significant boost in energy that lasted through the afternoon. The final bonus: a peaceful, uninterrupted night's sleep.  I confidently and highly recommend a class with Mariah.

Faye D.

Mariah’s Neurosculpting® class is a great new angle on meditation! She explains the science about how using your brain in different ways can help you re-wire your emotions to help you feel more relaxed and happy, and then helps you practice it through guided meditation. Highly recommend!

Robin F.

My experience with the (Foundations) workshop overall was deeply relaxing. The education was eye opening, and brought so much insight to events & patterns in my life. It was easy to get into the mediations.

Afterwards I felt completely grounded and a bit giddy. My stress level has been super high the past few weeks, and I have a mountain of work all due right now, which is a situation that usually causes me to be panicked and ineffective. I found clarity, the ability to focus and be effective, which made room for some fun, & definitely less stress.

I completely recommend taking a class with Mariah, she is a lovely, lighthearted, fun & caring person, making this process very accessible.

Neurosculpting® is the thing I've been looking for. For years I've wondered, "Is this just how I'm wired? Will I continue to struggle with the same patterns over and over?" I've always hoped for a way to not just change my mental "tapes" but to upgrade my "hardware" as well. Well, here it is, and it's not even difficult.

Ali D.

Mariah did a wonderful job guiding the class. She had a very gentle and authentic approach. The Neurosculpting® session allowed me to switch my memory response from a negative one to a more positive and supportive one. I liked the focus on connecting the brain in a way that was gentle and easy to implement in a daily practice. This I was able to combine with my own coaching approach to implement a holistic approach to magnify my own healing. I would definitely recommend a class with Mariah.

Deb R.

I had the pleasure of attending one of Mariah’s classes recently. She did a beautiful job guiding us through  a powerful and relaxing meditation. Right before the class I had a very upsetting event happen and by the end of the meditation I had learned tools to separate from the event and the feelings. This really shifted my perspective on things and impacted the rest of my day in a very positive way. I would highly recommend working with Mariah to learn new tools and techniques used with neurosculpting.